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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Campervans Tips For First Time Travellers

Make a plan

Decide where you want to go and what you want to see. Set forth for your journey so that you have enough time to cover the distance you need to travel.

Make an estimate of fuel cost

Check out the fuel watch websites to know the price of fuel for each city and town you are travelling to.

Check the weather

Before you set forth for your journey, check out the weather forecast. You can deter from driving if the expected temperature if unfavorable Knowing the temperature from beforehand, you can also pack accordingly.

Start early

It is a great idea to get up early and start your journey early. Doing this you can reach your destination by afternoon and get ample time to savor your trip. Driving at night in the dark is not at all recommended.

Take it slow

When you are driving the campervan for the first time, it’s important to drive it slow. Driving a campervan can be a different experience from driving an ordinary car.
Be ready for unwanted circumstances

Flat tires won’t give you a red signal before they occur. And they happen in inconvenient places. Make yourself equipped so that you can repair the damage as soon as it occurs.

Keep doors closed at night

At night, don’t forget to keep the camper doors closed to keep out unwanted insects or creatures. Once they are in, it will be very difficult to kick them out.

Pack smart

If you are driving a campervan, it’s for sure that it will be your home for at least a couple of days. So you need to pack all you will need for the days. Pack clothes, winter clothes if needed, undergarments, cosmetics, toothpaste, toothbrush, and other necessities.

Share the driving

Driving continuously can be boring and monotonous. Designate someone else to share your driving responsibilities. In this way, your trip will be safer and you will be able to enjoy the sceneries around you.

Be aware of animals

Keep a watch for animals and birds on the road so that you may avoid hitting them with your vehicle. Take extra care in case you are driving in the dark.